Dating is Scary

“Men are afraid women will laugh at them.
Women are afraid men will kill them.”

The quote above, which I’m probably butchering, which I’m forgetting who said it… I believe a comedian a while ago, rings a very clear truth that men don’t think about, but is very real to women.

Women are told throughout their lives to watch out for themselves, be careful where they go and who they’re with. I know as a kid I had kidnapping nightmares after Polly Klaas was kidnapped from her own bedroom and murdered.

But dating can be a scary thing for women. Men may be afraid of looking like a fool, but women are afraid of getting hurt.

Domestic violence, killings and in other countries like China and India, being born a daughter, the more likely your chances are of dying, becoming a child bride and treated like property.

Although this dating advice in the blog is fun and quirky, what concerns me is the comments I receive, and the attitudes of men of trying to change “the game” into their advantage of “laying” women. Treating women like a puzzle that needs a code to crack isn’t what this blog is all about. If you think that women are just there for the pleasure of men, you will never find love, and you will forever be disappointed and full of disappointment, and hate.

Women are human beings and dating and being in a relationship with someone who is your equal is far better than treating a partner as a piece or property to be used, sold and destroyed.

Remember, at the end of your days, how will you remember your life? Being selfish never leads to happiness, and the only true way to happiness is helping and being of use to others. The only way. If you have a bad day, just do some volunteer work, help a kid, help someone else and you will feel so much better about yourself.

So, the world treatment of women, as things to be consumed, needs to stop. Your happiness and everyone else’s depends on it.

So, next time you take some dating advice, remember, it is advice and not a game. Remember that women are not codes to be cracked, as you’re not a puzzle to be solved. Finding someone who cares about you for you and vice versa will be much more rewarding in the long run.

Thanks, gentlemen.