Kickstarter Controversy Above the Game: Dating Advice Gone Wrong

***EDIT: 6/21/13 9:43am PST***

Kickstarter has apologized about the book getting published, see the apology here: and in turn will donate $25,000 to anti-sexual violence organization RAINN. Although it is nice they apologized for the huge mistake, I am still disappointed the project never got cancelled. Please boycott Above the Game: A Guide to Getting Awesome and spread the word. Now, back to the original post:

Hello Gentlemen,

I like to write this blog to poke fun at dating and hopefully give you fun advice about how to date a girl.

Although, I have to be more serious today and comment on pick-up artist books and the latest controversy with Above the Game: A Guide to Getting Awesome with Women Kickstarter which is garnering attention from the advice given in the book. This book has received funding through Kickstarter to be published and protesters are claiming the book promotes sexual harassment against women.

There have been excerpts from the book basically encouraging men to have women not “rebuff” their sexual advances and that men need to take sex in their own hands and force it upon women. DoSomething.Org has raised a peitition to stop Kickstarter from producing the book, see it here:

The author, Ken Hoinsky has commented back that sexual harassment was not in the book, and you can read more here at the NewStateman what he said:

This is what I have to say about all this hoopla. Regardless, men, use your common sense when it comes to dating and treat your date with all the respect you would want for yourself. Pushing what you want on a woman is never acceptable. Forcing women to do ANYTHING without her consent is abhorable and against the law.

There is rape culture in America, which unfortunately is being dismissed as a non-issue. It’s even more prevalent with social media, with reports of teenage girls committing suicide because of being gang raped and it being filmed and being shown to the whole school.

Books, such as the one listed above, are contributing to rape culture, that men need to just take what they want.

Gentlemen, if you want love, if you want someone to care for you and be good to you, why in the world would you hurt women like this? If she doesn’t want to be with you, forcing her isn’t going to change that and now you’re acting like a monster.

We live in an instant gratification world, where we can get almost anything instantly. When it comes to love, there are things in this world that cannot come instantly. It cannot be programmed and cannot use a shortcut way to work. Love is patient and takes time. It takes trust and time to grow. That is the only way it works and trying to “game” love and satisfy your desires… only leaves you more empty inside than you were before.

Please don’t buy into these pick-up artist books and how to get women, because every woman is different, just like every guy is different and if you need to bed several women to feel good about yourself, you have a lot more issues to take care of than just dating.

Use the Golden Rule, and treat others they way you’d like to be treated.