I’m just a girl in my 20s in San Francisco who decided to write advice to Single Guys. I’ve met guys online, in real life, etc. and there are times I just wish I could tell them how to do things the right way.

Here’s my shot at it.

No names will be mentioned to protect the innocent, but when I say it’s a true account, yes, that guy was that stupid/crazy/etc.

First Post Below post written February 2013:

“Hello Gentlemen,

I’ve been thinking for some time about starting this blog. As a single girl (for quite some time now), there are a lot of issues I come across when it comes to dating (i.e. does that guy even know HOW to be likeable?). There are a lot of hurdles when it comes to dating: online dating profile or not? texing vs. calling? Dinner or coffee on the first date?

Unfortunately (maybe fortunately for you), I’ve been on SEVERAL first dates. Lots of online dates and meeting guys in real life (who knew?) and there are trends, themes that I come across and a lot of advice I’d LOVE to give my dates, but can be really rude to tell a stranger.

So, this is where this blog comes in. I’m going to tell you single guys HOW to treat a lady, how to get her attention, how to NOT be a creepy and increase your chances of getting that girl you’ve been eyeing on OK Cupid to message you back. There are factors to consider and one of the biggest things guys out there need to understand, is when it comes to dating STOP putting yourself first and start putting your date first.

We will grow together, cry together, laugh together and we will argue together, and this may happen in the first few blog posts, but I will get my advice out to you guys from a REAL LIVE GIRL, not some other dude trying to make money off of you with some scheme to “neg” a girl to get her to sleep with you.

No, we will figure out this crazy world of dating and I will give you advice for the first date and beyond.

Stay tuned…”


13 thoughts on “About

  1. Wow this is brilliant Elena! I wish your blog existed when I was single and living in San Francisco. Oh my goodness probably every single girl should be sending your blog link to her date in advance ;).

    I will definitely be referring to your blog in one of my future posts!

      1. Of course Elena!

        In the early/mid 90s I lived there for aprox. 3 years! I got my BA in Journalism at SFSU (which is practically in Daily City – LOL). I still have an awesome jacket I bought at the Buffalo Exchange on Haight street! I worked at the Bank of America at Van Ness and Market, saw the sun magically rise over he city from the top of Twin Peaks… ahh so many memories! Also, it was before the internet was big (Yahoo had just started) so I traveled to Hastings Law library, Berkeley and more to gather research for papers and articles. San Francisco is filled with adventure and lots of opportunities for guys to come up with some fun date ideas! How long have you lived there?

      2. That’s awesome, I attended the same school too! and lived around there for a while. I grew up in the Bay Area, and left for 3 years to go to LA, and decided to come back to the Bay. I lived in SF for a collective of 5 years, and then lived all around the Bay Area the rest of my life. Such a small world, huh?

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