“Beee Yourself”


“Beee yourself”

Hello Gentlemen,

Today’s lesson is about acceptance. Dating in today’s world can be cruel and unforgiving. Texting? Sexting? Facebook? Online Dating? Real life? So many ways to get disappointed. You can meet more people, but be ever so more disappointed in the options available.

I know single girls who have a tough time finding a guy. They say, “Wise Friend, why can’t I find a good guy? Someone who doesn’t play games?” Girls out there are looking for a guy to be themselves with.

I know it’s tempting to play this game with the ladies, who will bite? how hot of a girl can I get? You think you need to have a guard up to protect yourself. There’s the crazy ladies, and superficial people.

But, at the end of the day, when you’re home alone reading this blog and looking for advice, there is something you need to do, and that is, be true to yourself and “beee yourself“.

I always remembered that from the Disney movie, Aladdin, where Genie tells Aladdin to stop lying to Jasmine and to be himself around her, but he is so intimidated, that he can’t. But you can.

Love can’t happen with someone is being false. You need to be honest, and to be yourself, because if someone is going to like you, you better have them like you for you than like you for who you are not. It’s like your best friends, are you fake with them? And if you are, I’m sorry, that totally sucks, but you need to surround yourself with people who LIKE you for who you ARE.

When you’re confident with who you are, quirks and all, it’s much more endearing than acting like a douchebag.

And those douchebags get older, and still are alone, because no one likes douchebags.

So, say no to douchebaggery, and say yes to being YOU.

Until next time.


4 thoughts on ““Beee Yourself”

  1. You’d think saying no to douchebaggery would be fairly easy. But so many dudes struggle with it. My favorite is just hearing pieces of it while I wait in line for stuff. It usually starts with “Babe! Babe! Just chill alright…”

  2. Hahaha, that was a very witty part from Aladdin! i’m always myself during dates, in fact I’m too ‘me’, and I’ve realised that my honesty needs to be reigned in. I should say here that I dont give my entire story within the first 5 mins of a date, but I’m honest. And after going on a few dates this yr thanks to Ok Cupid, I have to say that men are liars. Yes, I said it. Or maybe I should say, ‘a lot of men are economical with the truth’. So now I have to say, I play the game a bit more, or at least I’m trying to…

    1. Sometimes, a bit of a game is ok to play… as in not being too available or eager. Men are more likely to lie than women, it’s true, but doesn’t mean ALL men are liars. But that’s why it’s called “dating”, you gotta take time with the person to discern the truth. One or two dates isn’t long enough to know if he’s the RIGHT man for you. You need more time to really get to know someone, so keep your guard up for a couple of months to get to know the person. Then you’ll have a better idea if the guy is as truthful as he seems. Also, be aware of red flags. Your gut knows the truth, so listen to it.

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